Friday, 22 July 2011

FL Contacts

017-6034327 Nurul Subang

017-3811007 Zara

012 6553916 Nurul Puchong

017-6299832 Anna

019-3408648 Baby

017-3059972 Zetty

017-6764973 Nana

012-6693429 NL Sharon

017-3540913 NL Suzie

017-6625116 OKT Jason

012-9436773 OKT Peggy

016-2211127 Bohsia Girl

017-2683262 Hafiza UITM

016-3837566 PRC RM100

016-6340702 Li Xing

016-2954310 Yau Yau

014-3234426 mei zhi

016-3836327 yoyo

010-2063211 Huan Huan

016-3655033 Wen Shao GC Klang

016-3739953 xiao jing

016-9569830 Yang Yang PRC

012-3531623 MIKO

012-6971261 christine



016-2550972 Xiao Ling

010-2063211 Huan Huan Boobs 36C

012-6659925 Wing CKT RM300

012-6659843 Ling MILF

016-6466493 Kiki

017-2882852 NL Nazatul

012-6693429 Pinky @

016-9152289 Mas (Anal & Raw) RM250

012-4898156 Rin

016-2961395 Johan

016 394 0822 Zhen Zhen

016 237 2088 Xiao Min PRC SYT

017-3602588 Atie a.alam damage 150

017-8799692 Anggie pandan indah damage 150

017 6299832 Anna Puchong damage 150

012-4898156 Rin L5.0

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  1. hey buddy, can u do me a favour? i need ur help, can u plz introduce me to Christine? would like to meet her by ur helping hand. many thanx bro!

  2. hey buddy, can u do me a favour ? i need ur help, can u pls introduce me to Nurul Puchong ? would like to meet her by ur helping hand. Many thank bro !

  3. hey buddy, can u do me a favour? i need ur help, can u plz introduce me to Christine? would like to meet her by ur helping hand. many thanx bro! can sms her number and your name too @ 016-8992050

  4. hye buddy need ur help....introduce me to nurul puchong and christine thanks

  5. Hye buddy need ur me introduce subang n puchong...

  6. boleh tayan puchong ada perempuan cina

  7. Dude introduce me he one in subang and puchong.. 01121289657 my number, thanks

  8. Hi. Bro, can intro Christine to me please..? Email me on

  9. Bos... Send pic my hp nom... 012 684 716 4

  10. Guys any girl around puchong? can share with me at

  11. bro,can u send nl fl cntc to me.

  12. Can send contact and photos for FL and CKT.

  13. can i have some contact & photo for the FL ladies,thanx

  14. please see me some contacts @

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    1. Contact i.. 0173323371.. aman

  16. hi alina....ur contact number..pls..tiz my 0102119247

  17. can send some contact for

  18. hi bro
    its good to stated the location.

  19. Hi Bros,

    Can anyone please provide me the contact number of Peggy Puchong. Many Thanks.

  20. Hi, can u pls intro me to wei wei at klang histana hotel or any other nice FL contact n ur name. My email is

  21. HI, used to live 2 years in KL and going back in 2 weeks on holiday. Pls need some help with contact to FL girls in KL. My email is and wechat jensp40 thax